Hi. My name is Aly. I like plants. I like plants a lot, probably too much my husband would say. I am not a botanist or biologist, designer or horticulturist.  I am a plant hoarder collector. I like plants in all shapes, colors, and sizes. I’m an equal opportunity gardener who just cannot say no when a plant gives me that come hither look. I’ve been told my little Honda FIT has a sensor that goes off every time I pass by a garden center or nursery. (You’d be surprised at how many plants can be stuffed into a Honda FIT).  Oh well, I’ve tried to stick to a theme but then new ideas will come swishing by and off I go again.

In 1989 my family moved from Oakland CA to Vancouver WA or “Vancouver USA.”   We really liked the small town feel of Vancouver (not so small anymore), and I found a place where I could play with all kinds of new plants.

I live in the Lincoln neighborhood, near downtown Vancouver (USDA Zone 8a; Sunset Garden Zone 6) with my family, two dogs, an assortment of cats, and three hens. I work full-time and garden whenever weather and light permit on weekends and evenings.

Portland and Seattle have long been known as gardening meccas and rightfully so but I have great affection for my adopted hometown of Vancouver and I’m here to champion the gardens and the gardeners of Clark County WA.

In 2011 I joined the Hardy Plant Society of OR (HPSO) and in 2016 I went through the Clark County WSU Master Gardener program.  My goal here is to gather and share information on local garden events, classes, nurseries, and places to visit to assist new and relocated gardeners as well as share my personal gardening challenges and endeavors.

I invite you to tag along…and chime in with your thoughts and comments.