Something in the Air

I was doing some mindless task a couple of evenings ago in the front garden area when a strong scent wafted over,  tickled my nostrils, and literally stopped me in my tracks. Mind you, it’s only the first weekend of February, a tad early around these parts for this kind of fragrance.  I turned, and sure enough, Ms. Daphne odora had been watching me,  trying to lure me over. It worked. Covered with rosy-pink buds, several buds had opened up as white ballerina tutus.  It sent such a thrill through me – I was compelled to breathe in that fragrance.  I wonder if birds feel this way about the signs of spring? If I were a bird I’d be singing about it.


Daphne odora
Ms. Daphne odora

What signs of spring are in your garden?


2 thoughts on “Something in the Air

  1. My Daphne are about to do the same, covered with pink buds that will be opening at any moment. Hellebores are opening (that was supposed to happen in the cold, but look at the temperature!) And everywhere I’m finding eager new growth on perennials.

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    1. HI Meg, Yes, I noticed the crocus are making an appearance now and the crocosmia shoots are coming up. I’m thankful for the shorter winter after last year’s winter. The plants aren’t the only eager beavers…I catch myself driving by nurseries to run in and see if there’s anything new. It’ll be another month I think.


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