Snow Days

“Next to gardens, books” 
Charles Elliott
The Potting-Shed Papers

Charles Elliott nails it. After plants, I collect books about plants and gardening. Thank goodness for E-Bay and Amazon where I can find used copies of older books and a shout-out to our own Ft. Vancouver Library system which has an excellent selection of gardening and landscaping books; sections 635 and 712.

After a rather sunny start to February we’ve had a couple unexpected snow days.  Perfect opportunity to curl up with some gardening books. Here are a few photos of my place in the snow.

From the front porch looking out across lawn to the ‘Granny” cottage.


Oak leaf hydrangea rather battered down. Such a hardy plant, it will come right back.


The back steps down the slope. Tree on the right is a Yellow twig Dogwood which we let grow into a tree. The local birds love it.


Fiction is the only kind of book I can sit down and read straight through, otherwise I’ve usually got two or three books going at the same time. A chapter in one, a chapter in another. Right now I’m reading up on ornamental grasses, natural gardens and gravel gardens.





What’s on your current reading list? Any favorites or recommendations?


2 thoughts on “Snow Days

  1. Love the snow pictures. Looks like you have access to some really good books. Maybe someday you will write a book on gardening/plants.


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