Wearing of the Green

I was just going to plant a ‘few’ things today but you know how that goes, one task leads to another and six hours later after planting, dividing, and transplanting, mixed in with a good dose of pondering. A lot of my planning happens during the pondering.

Besides everything greening up, the scent just keeps coming from the Daphne odora. It’s been in bloom since the first weekend of February. How brilliant is that? And now the Skimmia is joining in.  Intoxicating.

Here are some photos taken today from my garden bubble. It does feel like we live in our garden bubbles doesn’t it with the consuming plant thoughts, right?

Daphne odora still going strong in mid-March




Erythronium ‘pagoda’ getting ready to bloom.


Deschampsia cespitosa ‘Northern Lights’

Recently saw a brilliant combination of this plant above with deep purple Heuchera Obsidium and Euphorbia ‘Blackbird.’ Just outstanding.


Chamaecyparis ‘Blue Surprise’


Chamaecyparis ‘Wissel’s Saguaro’ with a Carex in front.


Pinus densiflora ‘Golden Ghost’


Cryptomeria japonica ‘Sekkan Sugi’


Toffee Twist sedge. California poppies have been sewn to fill in.


Trillium unkown

Found this trillium down the slope surrounded by ivy.





More Erythronium colonizing on a terrace bed.


View looking down half of the slope. Hazelnut trees have self sown among the ivy vines. 


Newly cleaned up area planted with hostas.

Two weeks ago this area was piled quite high with woody debris. My husband has been moving it in bundles to stack and bury into the slope.  The soil here is quite deep with leaf litter. This will be filled with hostas, ferns and perhaps some low growing rhododendrons.


Orange sedge – Carex testecea

And lastly, an orange sedge which the photo does not do justice. This grass has a wonderful orange color that looks neon in winter.


2 thoughts on “Wearing of the Green

  1. Kay, it certainly is a challenge but think about this, you paid for your slope in the price of your home. Make it pay for itself. If you are not able to use it in a physical way at least it could offer a pleasing view. Thanks for commenting! Alyson


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