Day One at Hortlandia

I returned this afternoon from the first day of Hortlandia, feeling like the cat who got the canary. Yep, I’m pretty chuffed with my plant purchases.

Getting there was a bit of a nuisance this morning for some. Turns out EXPO center is hosting a gun show, a hemp show, and a quilt show, in addition to our annual HPSO plant sale this year. Several people complained about the long line of traffic waiting just to enter the parking lot. So if you go tomorrow take that into consideration.

I noticed a lot more native plants this year. A very welcome addition, since I was able to purchase some Trilliums I had been looking for.

Here are just a few photos of the event. It was very busy and we had quite a lot of people with questions at the reference table. By early afternoon some of the vendors appeared to be cleaned out. Most have extra plants set by for Sunday.

Humble Roots Nursery had mostly native plants.


Eastfork Nursery from LaCenter WA specializes in Japanese Maples.


Joy Creek and Windcliff, both popular vendors, had lots of customers.



Our reference desk was right next to Xera Plants. They had a type of native Aster called “Sauvie Sky,” the seed collected from Sauvie Island .


What did I get?  Trillium, Asters, our native Rhododendron occidentale, “Merrybells” (Uvalaria grandiflora), and a super cool Woodwardia Chain Fern.

If you like plants it really is a treat to have all these nursery folk come together like this. It would take hours and miles of driving to visit each of them individually. Tomorrow is Day Two and there are free classes!


2 thoughts on “Day One at Hortlandia

  1. I was thinking of you when I was there, but couldn’t remember where you said you’d be… dang! Anyway, it was so crowded, and I was kind of happy to leave the crowds behind. Quite honestly though, if I hadn’t had to leave, I could easily have wandered around for hours longer than I actually got to. This is one event I hardly ever miss!

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