Hortlandia Day Two

A quieter day but busy nonetheless.
I suspect there was a record in attendance this year.

I was surprised and pleased to see the amount of native plant offerings this year. Most were the smaller natives; annuals, bulbs, and perennials. We certainly had lots of inquires at the reference desk on natives. I hope we will start to see more natives go ‘mainstream’ in trade shows, plant sales, and nurseries.

Here are some final photos from today.


The Desert Northwest with xeric plants from Sequim WA



Fancy Fronds specializing in ferns from Gold Bar WA



Rogerson Clematis Garden from West Linn OR



Blooming Junction from Cornelius OR



Secret Garden Growers, with heirloom and unusual plants, from Canby OR



The Lily Garden, specializing in Lilies, Peonies, and Crocosmias,
from Woodland WA


One thought on “Hortlandia Day Two

  1. I agree – all those fantastic vendors deserve a big shoutout!!! It’s no small chore to bring all those plants, and set them up and sell them. I hope – despite Sunday being slower – that everyone who made the trip managed to sell most of what they had brought. Money is easier to pack up than plants… 🙂


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