Just Enough Lawn Will Do

We had a lumpy bumpy 65-year-old lawn replaced yesterday. In these times of summer drought and changing weather patterns I’m not particularly a fan of the manicured lawn however I understand the yen to have some lawn for entertaining and for kids to play on.  We chose the patio/gathering area as the lawn to replace. If we are going to have a lawn it seemed the reasonable spot. I have to say the look of freshly laid out turf is impressive. It’s like a plush green velvet. Yummy to look at.  More importantly, no more hidden potholes to stumble into and no more  gastrocnemius tears for me!

And of course now I’m looking at the two other lawn areas, that are never used, with some thought. One functions as a point A to B entrance to the house. Another side lawn really has no function at all, other than something for the neighbor across the road to look upon.  We’ll have to make decisions about those areas another day.  This one cost enough!

I had to be at work so my husband officiated the work and sent me photos throughout the day.


The crew from J’s Custom Landscaping arrived around 8:30 AM and made fast work of taking up the old lawn. They added lots of amendments before putting down the new turf. That’s the little cottage in the background.



Here are pallets of perennial rye mix waiting to go in.



New turf in by evening. Now we have to water for the next couple of weeks.



Opposite view from the cottage to the coop. Photo doesn’t show the borders which flank the lawn. They are filled with ornamental grasses, salvias, Nepeta, other pollinator plants, plus lilies which are just starting to come up.

In the end, I get the appeal of a lush green lawn and I think this will be just enough lawn for our purposes. Those moles better watch it though.


8 thoughts on “Just Enough Lawn Will Do

  1. Hi, Aly,

    There’s no denying it that a lawn can be beautiful, and yours definitely is.

    Nevertheless, I completely removed my back grassy areas that were becoming smaller with each expansion of the beds. I covered them with cedar chips and I am so happy with how it looks…a little bit country garden looking which is fine with me…better than fine, actually. There is definitely less work of moving and trimming around lawn furniture and pots when I would mow, and NO edging needed. Two years ago, I used the ground poplar chips from my neighbor’s tree, but they disintegrated after 1 year…too soft. Then last year I got the cedar chips, and they look like they will be good for at least one more year…and they look nicer.

    The lawn drawbacks: it grows, it guzzles water or turns brown if you don’t water (I don’t), and it stimulates feelings of guilt for not taking good enough care of it. Guess what? Today I will mow it!

    Take care and enjoy your field of green velvet, and maybe enjoy this from 1976 (when I was 33): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QMZCWGyk388

    Mike Snyder (an e-mail DJ, you might say)

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  2. Aly, I am excited for you! Congratulations on getting this project done – you will appreciate it for the rest of your time there. My lawn is so lumpy that I worry each year during the reunion that one of the elders might stumble and fall. I put soil or chips in the holes but they seem to multiply.

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  3. I am “green” with envy, as our gopher hole, weed-ridden expanse can hardly pass as lawn, except right now, when the sun finally comes out after mucho rain. Thanks for introducing yourself and leaving a trail of breadcrumbs for me to follow to your blog. I’m now a subscriber and look forward to many posts to come.

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