On the Road Tour – April

This month’s Master Gardener’s “On the Road Tour” was a local excursion to the north of Vancouver.

We began on a fine sunny morning driving up to Longview WA to visit Watershed Garden Works. It was surprisingly cool and breezy with the smell of the ocean lingering in the air when we arrived. We were greeted by the proprietors Scott and Dixie Edwards.

Watershed is actually a working farm in addition to being a nursery specializing in native plants. The nursery and farm consist of seven acres located at the base of Mt. Solo on the outskirts of Longview.

Greenhouse with Mt. Solo in background

The nursery originally was a wholesale business and added the retail sales last year. The farm side of the business produces vegetables and herbs for a local CSA and farmer’s market. Dixie also has a side business creating and selling organic jams and jellies under the name of Columbiana.

Our group was given a tour, given tips on growing natives, and then was able to purchase plants and jams. I picked up some Smilacena, Licorice Fern, Vancouveria, Western Azalea, and some Pacific Dogwood seedlings.

Retail Sales area

By the way, Watershed Garden Works is at the Clark County Home and Garden Idea Fair this weekend so look for their booth if you go.

Second stop was Kigi Nursery located up in the hills above Kelso. This home based mail-order nursery specializes in conifers of various shapes, sizes, and colors. They also sell live moss which is used in many projects. Kigi Nursery ships all over the country.

Demonstration Garden at Kigi Nursery

After lunch we drove through Yacolt, and then up into the hills of Dole Valley to our third and final stop; Silver Star Vinery, which specializes in clematis and is open by appointment only. Here we were given a demonstration on pruning clematis by owner Deb Fischer.

Trellises and birdhouses

Sadly, in late April only a few of the clematis had come into bloom. To view the demonstration garden in full bloom one needs to visit during the Silver Star Vinery’s Annual Open Garden and Clematis Sale, July 14 – 15, 2018.


This will soon be covered in clematis blossoms


Bird house with clematis vine 


Another bird house with clematis


I was enthralled with the birdhouses and look forward to seeing them when more of the clematis is in bloom. It was a satisfying day though it was quite warm and by late afternoon I was ready for a nap!


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