This week in the garden

A few days of sunshine makes all the difference.
Here’s a few photos around the garden this week.


Smilacena on the left and Rhododendron ‘icannotrememberii’ on the right.



Rhodie with Osmanthus ‘Goshiki’ behind it.



Rhododendron ‘Honey Butter.’



Rhododendron ‘Seaview Sunset.’ This is getting some leaf damage from the Azalea Lace bug. I’ll dig this up and move it when it’s finished blooming.



The Camas lilies are coming up.


Rhodie augustinii

Rhododendron ‘augustinii’ in the back woodland area. Photo does not accurately show just how purple they are. These were in more sun up front and being attacked by azalea lace bug. According to an OSU report drought stressed rhodies in sun are nearly twice as likely to be infected. So, I’ve been moving my rhodies down the slope to a shady area to see if that helps.  Stay tuned.


4 thoughts on “This week in the garden

  1. Hi, Aly,

    I am sure you know this, but maybe you are a no pesticide gardener, but about three years ago lace bugs were disfiguring all of my azaleas (not so much rhododendrons). So I got some Bayer rose systemic fertilizer/insecticide and sprinkled it per directions around each of my plants and it finished off the lace bugs. Unfortunately, I didn’t think of it until I dug up and got rid of my favorite ‘Purple Splendor’ azalea.

    Yesterday and Friday I went to four plant sales (one held by a private person to raise money for the Clematis Society, two by nearby garden clubs, and one by a Master Gardener group). My garden is all the fuller and my back is all the sorer, but I am glad I did it. Imagine two 3 gallon peonies for $5 apiece! Although low prices are wonderful, if you buy a lot of low priced plants, it still adds up to a lot of money…and beauty.

    Earlier in the week, my friend Barbara and I went to Fessler’s nursery near Woodburn and bought too much there too. If you are up for the trip, you really should check it out. For most of the year they are wholesale, but in the spring they open to the public at such low prices (4” pots for $2.50, for example). They have and incredible amount and an incredible variety of mostly annuals, but some perennials too.

    Next weekend the Clackamas Master Gardeners are having their HUGE sale (maybe the biggest in Oregon) in Canby, bigger than Hortlandia and requiring a lot more walking. I won’t go on Saturday because I never miss the Kentucky Derby, but on Sunday I will probably go. To be a plantaholic is a terrible sickness…but I don’t suppose you know anything about that.

    Take care.


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    1. Oh gosh, I know only too well! Today I’m working at the Master Gardener booth at our Home & Garden Fair so I know I’ll be checking out the plant sale there. And, I also just picked up four Nootka Roses to plant along the fence line in my wildish native area. April and May are just crazy months for gardeners. I may have to look at that Bayer product-thanks for the tip on that. I’m hoping that by moving the rhodies into the shade it will help the situation.


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