A Gem of a Rose Garden in Ridgefield

By chance last Sunday I stopped in to view a new open garden sponsored by the Hardy Plant Society of OR up in Ridgefield WA. The home and garden are located just northwest of the Clark County fairgrounds for those familiar with the area. Tucked away is a development of  homes on large lots, most of which are in the 5 to 10 acre range.

I almost did not go to this garden but boy am I glad I did.  The homeowners are Dave and Teakum Young. Husband Dave greeted me at the driveway and explained that his wife, who would be out shortly, did most of the gardening. As we walked around to the back I was astounded to see a full-blown tiered rose garden with over 450 of roses in bloom.  In addition there were areas that were devoted to hostas, Japanese maples, azaleas, rhododendrons, irises, other perennials, plus an orchard, all surrounded by a very tall deer fence.  Clearly a labor of love.

I wandered down the terraced slope and was marveling at the variety of roses, and all the work that went into creating this garden, when the Teakum came out to give me a  personal tour.

One of the top tiers with clematis

Teakum told me she had grown up in Tokyo and had loved plants but had nowhere to grow any.  She and her husband worked and lived in several cities in the US before retiring to the PNW. It was then she was able to create this garden which she calls her joy.  When they moved in about 8 years ago it was a field of thistle which took two years at least to get under control. Then began the hard-scaping. The soil is clay and so it was necessary to dig out areas to amend the soil in order to plant.

My phone ran out of battery charge but I was able to take several photos.



















Entering hosta territory






Big Bamboo Red Maple (Acer palmatum “Beni Otake’)

Photo did not capture how this beautiful tree glowed.






This garden was open for one weekend only but may be seen by appointment. If you are interested in viewing this garden call the Hardy Plant Society at 503.224.5718 to contact the Youngs for an appointment.

Teakum Young on the left walking up a path 

2 thoughts on “A Gem of a Rose Garden in Ridgefield

  1. Those gardens are gorgeous, a wonderful mix of colors and textures. So glad you could take some pictures. I would love to wander through those gardens.

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