Winter Garden Fun

It’s December and the chill is upon us. I’ve been doing some editing in my garden and planting at my daughter’s house but not much else outside.

What I have been doing is binging on garden shows. Britain’s latest garden guru Monty Don has a few out on Netflix.

Big Dreams, Small Spaces has Monty meet with homeowners who have big dreams and small lots (some only a patio size) and assist them in planning their garden. Over the course of three months he meets with them three times, coaching them along. The final time is the grand unveiling of the finished garden.

Monty Don’s Italian Gardens (2011) is four episodes touring Rome, Florence, Naples, and the Lakes. I really enjoyed these, even more than the French gardens.

Then there is Monty Don’s French Gardens (2013). Three episodes where Monty goes on the road touring several of the famous and grand gardens of France. I’ve never been enthralled with the formal garden but Monty has me re-thinking hedges. He loves them.

Love Your Garden (2011) with Alan Titchmarsh and team assisting families with special needs to create gardens.

And if you don’t have Netflix then there are loads of garden shows on You Tube.
What are you favorite garden shows? Please share!

Two days ago I posted a note on my neighborhood Next Door website inviting west side gardeners to have an informal meet-up. It’s today (Sat. Dec. 8) at 3 PM and the location is Marcel’s Pie Shop at 3100 Columbia Street.  I’ve reserved the back room. Street parking only.  In spite of the short notice there has been quite a response. This is meant to be very informal and inclusive; novice to experienced gardeners and those who think they would like to start gardening.  We’ll meet maybe once a month, go for garden walks downtown, and maybe some nursery field trips too. It’s about sharing information and encouraging gardening in Vancouver.

Let’s get Vancouver growing!





4 thoughts on “Winter Garden Fun

  1. Hi Kay, We had 7 people that were able to show up with lots of ideas and enthusiasm. And if you haven’t been to Marcel’s Pie shop yet you need to go. Lovely place to stop and have some coffee and pie in front of the fire.


  2. What a great idea! My neighbor and I started an impromptu garden club too, but we exist only on FB. We haven’t managed to meet up yet… Also, I’ve watched a couple of Monty Don’s episodes on Italian Gardens. Fascinating… need to take time to watch the other two, as well.

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    1. It’s always interesting to meet gardeners of different persuasions. While my particular interest right now is natives, grasses, and xeric plants, I know next to nothing about edible and vegetable gardening and am anxious to learn what locals are doing to that end. Plus, I really like my city and want to see something happen here with gardens. I think we all need and deserve some kind of garden sanctuary however small or large.

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