Blimey! My seeds arrived today  and I am dead chuffed!

I mean, just look at them all. I’m picturing all the bloom and things that buzz.



These are all native wildflower and grass seeds so they’ll go straight onto the soil.

There’s Roemer’s Fescue, Tidy Tips, and Baby-Blue Eyes.

Blue Gilia, and California Poppy  (orange, red, and white).

And…two new books courtesy of Amazon Christmas gift card.
img_4003 2

Who’s a happy girl?

Giddy with excitement here!  (can you tell?)


4 thoughts on “Seeds!

  1. Hi Kay,
    For our area seeds can be sewn in fall, as nature would do, and they can be sewn in March. Because of our mild winter (so far) I plant to scatter the seeds in succession starting in February about every two weeks. I’ll mix the seed with sand and scatter broadcast it. But first I need to scrape off the top layer of weeds that are already coming up. I don’t want to dig too deeply because that will bring up even more weed seed to germinate. I just want to give the wildflowers a head start on the weeds which are bound to come up anyway. I’m hoping in a year or so the natives will start to naturalize in that spot and seed themselves.


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